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The only Student -2- Student proofreading and translation service in the Netherlands! Upload your thesis, motivation letter, essay, website text... instantly! Our Native students proofread and translate everything!

Mission Possible

Here at The Edit Stop, we understand that even in an age of computerised spell checkers; many of us still struggle with language and grammar. This is often amplified when writing in a non-native language. We noticed that the only help being offered were the services of professional, expensive editing companies. However, we've found that educated, experienced, NATIVE English students are more than adequate of providing the same quality of editing as "professionals" without the price tag!
Our trained and monitored student proofreaders and translators ensure that you can be confident in your work, by correcting errors in spelling, grammar and improving sentence structure. Or, translating your entire text from one language to another.
Whether it's text for your website, essay, dissertation, thesis, motivation letter or email. Long or short. You name it, The Edit Stop will check it!

For students, by students

The Edit Stop is a unique service as we are fully founded and run by native English students, whilst employing only experienced native student proofreaders and translators. A service for students, created by students, we are able to offer a high quality service at a price students can actually afford! Helping students, by helping students.

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Op het laatste moment goed geholpen

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Het was zo fijn. Ik zat helemaal in de stress voor mijn eindproduct. Contact opgenomen met de edditstop.con en werd meteen geholpen. Zeer goede kwaliteit terug gekregen.

Top Klasgenoot

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Ik ken de eigenaar via mijn studie en zeker toen ik net begon met mijn studie in het engels heb ik hem vaak om hulp gevraagd om mijn essays na te lezen en de grammatica te verbeteren. Ik heb hier altijd veel aan gehad en vind het mooi dat hij dit nu ook voor anderen wil gaan doen. Ik zal zeker in de toekomst hem ook nog om hulp vragen.